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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sneha actress in saree

telugu actress sneha in saree
Sneha has learnt folk dance and Bharathnatyam, and takes part in cultural shows organised by Choreographer Kala Master. Sneha is not too keen to do glamorous roles and would prefer performance-oriented roles.Sneha has also recieved rave reviews for her role in Puthupettai, where she played a prostitute.With immense talent and stunning looks, Sneha has emerged as the clear winner of the rat race.
On a marquee crammed with Bollywood rejects and beauty queens, actress Sneha is the hottest name in the Tamil film industry.

Sneha is the most sought after heroine today. Rarely has the Kodambakkam film industry raved so much in expectation. The director of Aanandam, Lingusamy was heard saying recently: "Sneha is natural and brilliant. Everything about her from body language to expressive eyes-is just right."


sneha is deeply in love

Sneha is a girl whose love life would break many hearts. But the damsel who is universally liked for her charming homely looks is head over heels in love... and is finding it difficult to keep her mind focussed on work. However, all is not lost yet and ardent TOLLYWOOD and KOLLYWOOD fans can take heart from the fact that her love interest is her five year old nephew, NITHIN. "I am very attached to my nephew. He is the love of my life and the sweetest kid in the whole world. Watching kids grow is an overwhelming experience and there is nothing I enjoy more than playing around with him. Even when I am away on the phone, we really share a special bod," says SNEHA.

homely girl

Sneha, one of the most talented yet beautiful heroine, is better known for her homely looks... She is a big star in Tamil and Malayalam. But in Telugu she always had... just bad luck with many of her films toppling at the box-office. But last year she had a hit in SRIRAMADASU directed by K.Raghavendra Rao and more recently had an average grosser MADHUMASAM. Even then she gave one more disastrous movie MAHARATHI. And now, her Malayalam movie PALLUKKOODAM directed by Thanker Bachan is getting ready to enter CANNES.

Obviously she is very excited. "I have enacted diverse roles, such as a pilot, poor housewife, a battered prostitute and a school teacher. I believe that every actor has his or her own slot in filmdom," says Sneha who has roots in Rajahmundry. And when asked about marriage she says, "I'm searching for my dream boy. Finally, if I don't him, I'll ask my mom to find him," chuckles the actress.